Induction Tempering Machine

Our company is known to be a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Induction Tempering Machine. The range of Induction Tempering Machine made available by us is designed as per the requirements of various industrial applications. We offer Induction Tempering Machine at the best prices in the market. Our range of Induction Tempering Machine is designed to be resistant to damage and early wear and tear.

Features :

  • IGBT module and soft switching inverting technologies used, as in the production of the generator for higher reliability
  • Small and portable, compared with SCR controlled machine only 1/10 working space is needed
  • High efficiency to save energy, high efficiency and power far can be maintained
  • The generator is adaptable in a large frequency range from 1 kHz to 20 kHz
  • Installation can be done very easily according to our manual
  • 100%duty cycle, continuous working ability at maximum power
  • Constant power or constant voltage control mode
  • Display of output power, output frequency, and output voltage

Applications :

  • Used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting and heat fitting solutions in many fields like medical device, auto parts, metalwork, machinery equipment industry, electronics and electrical industry, metal industry and packaging industry, cable wire, foundry metal, Tube pipe, etc.
  • Parts surface heating treatment, parts surface hardening, tempering, annealing, etc.
  • Metal brazing, high-frequency brazing, pan bottom brazing, tool head brazing, copper brazing, lead-free soldering, vacuum fusion, etc.
  • Forging, shaping, warm bending, high frequency shrinkage fitting, heat enveloping, heat sealing, metal desiccating, nut inserting, rotor inserting, etc.
  • Precious metals melting
  • Dry resin, resin coating, warm resin forming, shrinkage fitting & extraction, etc.

Vantages Condition :

  • Fast cycle times-with induction heating technology, heat is produced instantly and directly within the part being heated
  • Accurate heat zones-through the development of an induction coil combined with the specification of the proper power and frequency, the can isolate or pinpoint a heat-zone, small or large without affecting surrounding areas
  • Consistent and repeatable-due to the development of solid-state power supplies, the heating pattern produced by a given induction coil will be consistent from day to day, month to month.


Weight 100-500kg
Color Metallic
Voltage 220V, 380V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 5-7kw, 7-9kw
Warrenty 2 Years
Application Industrial